Deep Learning/ Machine Learning – Sr.Engineer/Technical manager

Branch HsinChu
Job Category Information Technology
Experience More than 2 Years Work Expe.
Education Master's Degree
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Job Description
我們在一個節奏快且敏捷的工作環境, 聚焦長期目標, 動手解決真正問題, 將 AI 落地在真實世界, 並發表論文在頂級會議與期刊. 歡迎加入我們.
We are looking for Machine Learning/Deep Learning engineers.
This is a technical role, and it requires a high willingness to learn state-of-the-art AI techniques and a skill to apply AI techniques to business applications/processes.
This job opening encompasses a wide range of end-to-end ML pipeline activities, including framing AI problems, data collection/preprocess/exploration, model development/evaluation, model deployment/monitor.
Our major responsibilities include (1) landing AI in real world (2) publication at top conference/journal (DAC, IEEE/TCAD, ICLR, ICML…).
Here, you will be working in a fast-paced and agile environment which needs a mindset of a startup.
Together with worldwide colleagues you will deliver everything from state-of-the-art algorithms to quicker value proving solutions.

• This position requires a MS or PhD, with at least 3+ years in industry experience.
• This position involves a lot of personal interaction. Good verbal communication skills are required.
• Familiarity with Deep Learning Framework (Pytorch or Tensorflow) and Machine Learning.
• Familiarity with organizing large real-world datasets.
• Experience with DRL, GNN, GAN…etc.
• Ability to read/comprehend state-of-the-art AI papers (e.g. GNN, RL…).

Bonus Points:
• Experience in scientific and numerical programming in C/C++/Python.
• Experience in IC Design Flow (RTL, HLS, DV, P&R…).
• Experience with Kaggle competitions. (Gold/Silver medals awarded)
• Experience in Parallel and Distributed Deep Learning with multi-GPU & multi-machine.